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For the engineer able to deploy the time and resources necessary to assemble EPCs transistors directly onto a regalos tecnologia comunion PCB,.
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We believe the technology is very capable of much higher blocking voltages; descuentos en toys r us due to the nature of its high electron mobility, eGaN devices can be designed for high voltages with much less impact on RDS(ON) than silicon.
The boards contain codigo de promocion panini comics all the critical components and layout for optimal switching performance, including a gate drive circuit, an on-board gate drive supply, and bypass capacitors.
EPC received ISO 9001:2008 qualification for our quality management systems in September, 2011.EPC partners with world-class ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certified wafer fabrication and assembly suppliers and EPC contracts exclusively with Digi-Key Corporation, an ISO 9001 certified organization, for the global distribution of our products. .The following videos also cover the basics of GaN: How To GaN 01: Introduction Material Compositions.EPC plans to expand our product line to include 600V products.For more information on EPCs Quality and Environmental programs please visit.The eGaN devices achieve this in a much smaller footprint for the same function.

EGaN transistors are very similar to lateral FETs (Field Effect Transistors) made in silicon.
The integration of signal level components with power GaN transistors could enable one of the most significant changes in semiconductor history!
Our initial product offering includes single discrete transistors, however, in the future we expect to introduce devices with multiple transistors on a single chip.Updates on new product developments will be posted on our website, so please check back often.For a preview of EPCs technology roadmap, watch the video How to GaN 11: A Look into the Future You can also sign up to receive news and product updates from EPC at /EPCupdates or by texting "EPC" to 22828.Will EPC make FETs with blocking voltages of 800V - 1200V in the near future?At that point, EPC eGaN FETs will cover 90 of the applications currently served by the existing power mosfet market.Whereas it is possible to make a p-channel device, the performance is quite poor compared with silicon.For a preview of EPCs technology roadmap, watch the video.From drivers to controllers, TI enables you to do more with less power with end-to-end power conversion devices that deliver high efficiency, power density, and reliability.For a general discussion of the devices and technology,.