Zimbabwe revenue authority and, tHE regional manager.O, hIGH court OF zimbabwe, mwayera.
A matter is urgent in circumstances where from the tiendas de ofertas en houston cause of action and nature of relief sought the matter is one which cannot wait for ordinary set down.
The applicant in the application sought:. .
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Kuvarega v, registrar General and Another 1998(1) ZLR 188 which has been"d with approval in several other cases including.It also covers any legal liabilities arising from the policy holders driving which results in any of the above mentioned accidents (bodily injury, death, or property damage) to third parties.The nature of relief sought and the cause of action fall far short of meeting the requirements of urgency.It does NOT cover any loss or damage to the car of the policy owner.

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There is no urgency disclosed in both the certificate of urgency and founding affidavit clothing the application as one falling for urgent intervention.
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Fully Comprehensive: This is the most extensive and compete form of motor insurance cover, which, in addition to the above two categories of cover, also provides accidental damage to the policy holders vehicle and in some cases, regional travel.Follow Us, by continuing past this page, you agree to our.In other words if a matter is such that if processed through ordinary set down irreparable harm would be occasioned then immediate relief on urgent basis ought to be resorted.It is for these reasons that the application was viewed as not españa gana a eeuu baloncesto meeting the requirements of urgency contemplated by the rules of this court and thus removed it from the urgent roll.Operations commenced on Broksure Insurance Brokers (Pri.Chigwanda, applicants legal practitioners, kantor Immerman, respondents legal practitioners.Telephone (519) 264-2220, fax (519) 264-2359, e-mail: Office hours: Monday to Friday 9 am to.Terms of use, Cookies policy and, privacy policy).On the applicants through their counsel by a letter dated requested for reasons for my finding that the matter is not urgent.