Jack Elam also stars.
He goes after the gang for revenge, not unlike Lon Chaney does in 'Indestructible Man'. .
With Bradford Dillman and Gig Young. .
is stolen by The Wizard, black-hooded mastermind, and his gang.
BA K511 Half Breed (66) aka: Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi aka: Il giorno più lungo di Kansas City Lex Barker is 'Old Shatterhands' and Pierre Brice is 'Winnetou'.This obscure exploitation film was shot in 3-D (but presented here in 2-D) and features gratuitous nudity, hilarious dialogue, bad car chases, and one can only imagine how sparse the 3-D FX seemed to movie-goers back in the day.BA K734 Kill Them All and Come Back Alone (68) aka: Ammazzali tutti e torna solo Confederate secret-agent Chuck Conners assembles a group of master thieves and cutthroats in order to steal a large shipment of Union gold.LBX P366 Sin Syndicate, The (65) 4 girls testify about their 'party girl' adventures for the 'Sin Syndicate'.BA P372 Black Lemons (70) aka: E venne il giorno dei limoni neri Rare! .The Rat returns to his underworld comrades and realizes he belongs with them.Barbara Steele is Bozena the prostitute who awakens the nascent sexual nature of the adolescent students.Arty science fiction with bizarre set-designs, some similarities to 'A Clockwork Orange' in looks here, and really far-out situations.Now this Mexi-Monster Mash with English Subs!15 episodes - complete series On 8 discs FOR 45 K640 Young Torless (66) aka: Der junge Törless Faithfully adapted from author Robert Musil, this study of sadism and masochism among students at an Austro-Hungarian boys prep school is a parable of fascism and its.It's not long before she begins to see her dead sister inside a mirror, which causes her to go out, take men home, and kill them.Did they rip-off Stephen King's story 'The Monkey"?

Specials because they will either leave you cracked up with laughter, or want to (like me) violently confront the fools responsible for such a travesty of clueless-ness.
Amazing to see this Edgar.
Now in very nice quality and with English Subs! .
This may be the first display of this technology in film.
N922 Jekyll and Hyde (90) A solid retelling of the classic tale.This time his valet comprobar cuponazo de black friday is used as part of a scheme to lift some jewels. .O'Brien hates his wife, murders her.K265 Halloween Specials #1 (various) Great Bear Scare, Tell Tale Heart, Claymation Horror, Skeleton Dance, Devil and Daniel Mouse, Scooby Doo Project and The Pumpkin that Couldn't Smile.Apparently, Satan hates gays too!

A psycho killer uses a hammer and leaves strange footnotes.
Finally : 'Too Young Too Die' about drug addiction and God including LaGena Hart and her encounter with a gay man who gave her Aids destroying her acting career!
Shot in only a few rooms where two women make out.