This Nahuat place name means "The Place of Obsidian Houses.".
But he says he has paid everything back.
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La novela de Lázaro Cárdenas, de Pedro Ángel Palou.The daily milling capacity is 13,000 tons of sugarcane.Valencia: Albatros, 2018 (forthcoming).Nuevas narrativas mexicanas.A radio host and television reporter for TeleMiami, Regalado prides himself on being a "man of the people." When it comes to his bank account, he might have a point: His net worth is 5,000, according to the disclosure form descuento aquarium donostia he signed July.As a commissioner, he makes 58,200 a year, and while contractual obligations prevent him from revealing how much he makes from his TV and radio gigs, he says it's "under 75,000." Assuming an income as little as half of that, altogether he makes somewhere around."I'm poor he says.Izalco Central Plant prepares a variety of types of sugar for the national, industrial and direct consumption markets.This gave rise to its nickname, The Lighthouse of the Pacific.

In 1964, Compañía Azucarera Salvadoreña (cassa) came into being, opening its sugar production plant, Izalco Central Plant.
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Latinoamérica y sus narrativas armadas, de Oswaldo Estrada,.
Àlex Martín Escribà and Javier Sánchez Zapatero.On the disclosure form, Regalado lists a mortgage of more than 100,000.His wife, Raquel Regalado, a popular Cuban-American radio host, died in February, and he has said her death played a big part in inspiring him to run for mayor.Generational Strategies in Mexico at the Turn of the Century.But I don't care; that's the way I choose to live.".County records show Regalado has had a history of problems with the IRS, racking up a series of federal and local property tax liens going back to 1988.Financial disclosure forms for elected officials released at the beginning of the month show city Commissioners Angel Gonzalez and Marc Sarnoff with net worths of 883,695 and 2,257,500, respectively; Mayor Manny Diaz leads the pack with 2,448,750.